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Golden Nuggets: Right to it

Good morning folks, getting these links up a little late, but I'm in a huge hurry at the moment. Originally, I had typed up a big notice about Thomas Clayton and what not for this intro but suffice to say this: if I say anything about Clayton, Zeigler, or Keasey--ignore it. Thanks. Anyway, I'm going to get right into the links..

Barrows continues his roster analysis by looking at a few of the outside linebackers. (

The 49ers announced their training camp schedule--here's a look at the details for the open practices (as well as a swanky practice with the Raiders--again.) (

Here's the full schedule. (

New bill could allow the 49ers to select their own stadium contractor. (

So, is there hope for the Niners this year? There [site decorum] well better be. (

Nedney praises Steve McNair. (