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2009 49ers Bold Statements

With the 2009 season fast approaching, we are beginning to see more and more FanPosts, FanShots, and Front-Page editorials of people making statements and/or predictions about the upcoming season. As I've said many times, my favorite part about SB nation is that it is not a place where one or two people write a blog, but hundreds/thousands of people can write about whatever they want. It is truely the best open-sports-forum you can find on the internet. As a front-page writer, I don't see myself as a Niners expert, but rather a Niners-discussion facilitator; I only hope to spark novel and interesting discussions concerning the team, and hopefully get visitors to this site to think about the Niners in a way they haven't before.

So with that, I present the 2009 Season Bold Statements. What I ask of you Nation is to post a Bold Statement about the upcoming season in the comments. What do I mean by bold? Well, a statement that is absolute, not wishy-washy, and backed up with some kind of solid reasoning. I'm not looking for something crazy, such as,

Frank Gore will have 16 100-yard rushing games this season.

While I would love that, Frank Gore only had 3 games where he broke the 100-yard rushing mark last season. So bold, yes, but unreasonable. I prefer something within the realm of reality. For example:

Mike Singletary will be a leading candidate for Coach of the Year.

This is a bit more reasonable. While bold, and VERY optimistic, it's not out of the question, since as recently as last year we have seen a rookie coach win Coach of the Year honors (Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons).

So Nation, give me a Bold Statement about the 2009 season, good or bad, that can be backed up with some kind of reasonable explanation. And I STRONGLY encourage people to agree with/refute people's statements (I'm looking at you methodrampage). Have at it!