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Will there be a 2009 Takeo Spikes signing?

Earlier this week I rolled out the first 53-man roster projection of the offseason.  One reason (among many really) this initial projection should be taken with a few grains of salt is because there are still free agents out there that could potentially be signed.  Last season the 49ers had what could most reasonably be called "an issue" at the TED linebacker position.  In early August, the team signed Takeo Spikes to hopefully fill that hole.  One could argue that ended up being their best free agent signing of the offseason...or at least certainly in contention.

As we move closer and closer to the start of the season (only 18 days til the start of training camp!) I'm wondering if there is another one of those signings out there for the 49ers.  At the same time, has the team developed enough that such a signing is simply not likely?  I wanted to open the floor to discussion about who might be that guy, or at the very least, what position he might fill.

In looking over the depth chart, it's rather difficult to determine.  If you're looking for a signing after the free agency storm, maybe it's Dre Bly.  Bly is a veteran who had his share of struggles last season and some people might be writing off.  We're not talking about a guy who everybody is writing off.  When Takeo Spikes was becoming a possibility, there were plenty of folks who were excited, or at the very least, positively intrigued by the idea of Spikes as a 49er.  Dre Bly could be that guy.  Agree? Disagree? Don't care?

Looking at the rest of the roster, I just don't see anything out there.  Every position either has sufficient depth (WR), or has the starter that does not appear to be in danger of losing his job (FB).  Maybe a safety signing if Dashon Goldson gets hurt and Mark Roman remains ineffective?  Along the defensive line, although there are sufficient question marks, there are enough bodies to roll out on a weekly basis that I don't see any under the radar signing.

In the end, I think it comes back to Dre Bly.  He'll face stiff competition from Tarell Brown, but if he put together a performance like Takeo Spikes did in 2008, I'd say we'll all be quite happy.