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Golden Nuggets: Staying True to San Francisco

Good afternoon folks. Yes, afternoon! It occured to me that I, of course, must have readers at other times in the day as opposed to the morning, and I never greet them! So this is for you, late-sleepers. And another surprise, we have more than two or three links. Preliminary looks leads me to believe most are about the stadium deal, but we'll see as I only looked at page titles thusfar. Just a side note, if you guys missed it whenever there's a day with only one or even no links, I'll be posting a fanshot, any links for that day I'll dump in the comments on there so if you're looking for Nuggets and you aren't gettin 'em, that's why. Anyway, on to the links.

The Chronicle asked readers for their opinions and answers to the question: "What will it take to keep the 49ers in San Francisco?" Here's the responses. (

The 49ers need to stay true to San Francisco. I agree whole-heartedly, I am radically against the move to Santa Clara, but at the same time I'm not blind and I understand the move from a business standpoint. (

More insight on the stadium deal.. Opinions, solutions, all that good stuff. (

A story from the 49ers' vice president of communications.. Not buying it. (

Will the 49ers be part of the revitalization efforts? (

What costs are the 49ers attempting to cut out of their budget? No more goodies for season ticket holders, it seems. Can we get this verified? (

Steve Wyche listed his top ten quarterbacks of all time. I don't really agree with it, almost all of it even, but hey, take it for what its worth. [Not much.] (

And in case you missed it yesterday, Joe Staley's new blog post. (

Also from yesterday, Barrows second analysis of the outside linebackers. (