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What player on/off the 49ers 53-man roster would surprise you?

Just when you thought there wasn't another way to discuss the 53-man roster, I thought I'd throw one more topic out there.  Every one of us has a guy we want to see on the roster that likely doesn't show up in many other folks 53-man rosters.  One of the entertaining aspects of being a sports fan is the cult followings that develop.  Just looking at the 49ers, you've got the Thomas Clayton fan club (some more passionate about it than others) and you've got the Dominique Zeigler.  These are two practice squad guys who folks just love in spite of reasons to step back from it.

While it would be nice to have a rational basis for the particular player, that is not always the case.  You've got my Jay Moore fan club, which very well could be a group of 1.  As many of you know, my main reason for being a fan is that after he put together a fine performance in the Senior Bowl in 2007, I put together a "Niners Nation Scouting Report" on him.  He became a guy I just had a feeling about as a potential 49er.  A little over two months later the 49ers drafted him in the 4th round and I was officially sold.  I think it was the karmic synergy of the whole thing, or something like that.  Fate had stepped in.  Of course, two years later he has yet to spend a day on the active roster thanks to injuries.

I'll be honest: In that 53-man roster projection, it's safe to say that Jay Moore is possibly the shakiest guy there.  That's not exactly a shocking admission I realize.  Even with my projection, I think it's safe to say, I'd be a bit surprised by Jay Moore making the 53-man roster.

However, most of the bubble guys could fall into the "surprising" category I suppose.  So, looking beyond that, maybe we can expand this conversation even further (this is developing pretty much as I type it):

Who would be a surprise to not make it through training camp? 

I don't mean Frank Gore getting cut.  Obviously that would be shocking, but that's just not going to happen.  I mean something more along the lines of maybe Isaac Bruce?  I don't think Bruce will get cut, but is it possible to see him shown the door come early September?  The 49ers have talented young receivers and maybe after a strong showing in the first three weeks of the preseason, they decide to go all young.  Not something I expect, but would it be the most shocking thing in the world?

Looking through the roster I don't see a lot of potential guys like that, but that is what would certainly make them surprises.  I was originally going to throw out Adam Snyder as an option.  But I think it's safe to say they'd get rid of Barry Sims before dumping Snyder.  And Snyder can play tackle and guard which makes him a useful backup.

So, what do folks think?