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Golden Nuggets: Just One Half

Hello folks, James here for another edition of your Golden Nuggets. The links are getting up a little later than usual today because well, its a rather enjoyable night/morning outside. Or rather, it was about an hour ago when I came in and decided to play "just one half" of NCAA 10 which turned into three games--sorry about that. At any rate, I'm still getting the links up and you'll have your news. I don't know how many I have today, but I guess we'll find out. Enjoy.

The San Francisco Cowboys. Article is completely way off as far as I see it, but an entertaining read nonetheless. (

The QB battle should continue throughout most of the preseason. I'm calling Hill right now. Write it down--or something. (

Singletary says his style is perfect for the NFL. I don't really doubt him, either. In fact, as it stands right now--the man could tell me they were going to the super bowl and I'd be hard pressed to doubt him. Not because I think we're that good, but because I admire the guy.(

Singletary family urges proper hydration. Not gripping news, but eh. I'm looking for filler. (

Santa Clara stadium deal... Good deal, right? (

An article about Jimmy Raye. I don't have much else to add. (