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Golden Nuggets: Links, they're everywhere!

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for today. These are coming up late, and I'm in a bit of a hurry. Good thing though, we have quite a few links to work with today, should give you some good reading and perhaps even some good discussion here in the Nuggets. Generally I try and talk about the Niners here as well but I haven't got much to say that isn't being said in my article which will be in tomorrow's Nuggets. Not to mention there's not a ton of actual news coming our way at the moment at the time regardless. Anyway, enjoy the links folks.

The 49ers unveield details of the stadium, specifics of the accomodations and what not to city officials. (

Barrows continues his analysis of the 49ers' roster, continuing his look at safeties. I am not comfortable with our group, not one bit. Haven't an ounce of faith in Mark Roman, and I don't know how I feel about Dashon Goldson either. (

Singletary addresses almost making WR Michael Crabtree cry. Priceless stuff, here. I still don't know how I feel about Crabtree. (

So, how about those two first round picks? What will they be used for? Will the 49ers make a mid-season trade, or will we acess our weaknesses next season? (

Patrick Willis--always smiling. Man I love having this absolute beast on our team. (

An article on WR Brandon Jones, a guy I'm not entirely sure I want on this team right now. He seems OK, I'll tell you how I feel about him in a few months. (

Singletary says he'll have picked a QB by the third preseason game. My money is still on Shaun Hill. No really, my money is. I have a bet. (

The 49ers aren't getting a ton of support from San Francisco. I'm ashamed, really. (

SF needs 49ers contingency plan. (

That's it for now, wow. Quite a few.