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Golden Nuggets: Just Build The Stadium Already!

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone, James here with your Nuggets. So, earlier today I got a call from Mark, from the San Francisco 49ers while I was sleeping. Wouldn't you know it, I was having a dream I was playing for the team, so the call when I was asleep was disorienting to say the least. Suffice to say that I said "what" a lot--he was just letting me know that tickets go on sale Saturday, or something or other. Either way we've got a few links today. I'm not going to include the apology from the Chronicle for the Cowboys article--what a response that got. Well, I might throw it up. Any way, here's some links.

Continuing his analysis of the roster, Barrows moves on to the cornerbacks. I'm really interested to see who will get the starting nod--Tarell Brown or Dre Bly, I hope the team evaluates it correctly--I feel as if Brown can beat him out for the job. (

Watching this video on WR Brandon Jones makes me feel a bit better about the guy as a person, but I'm really unconvinced as it stands righ tnow. Not pessimistic, [site decorum], I want the guy to prove me wrong and score touchdowns all day. If he makes it to where Zeigler and Hill don't get their playing time, then fine, so long as he's good. (

Here's some NFC West training camp previews which are more of a team report at the moment, with no real information coming from training camp. (

Who would you take: Frank Gore or Steven Jackson? What about in fantasy football? (

Just an article about Steve Young and his real estate affairs, I really am not interested but maybe some of you will be. (

Another person trying to convince everyone that the move to Santa Clara is harmless. I understand what you're saying, guy, but my desire for the 49ers to stay in San Francisco runs deeper than that and cannot be explained. (

I'm so sick of this already. And here's why SF needs the 49ers, apparently. (

The team will be watching Marvel Smith--imagine that. But anyway, I'm all for Alex Boone. (