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The T.O. Show: Another useless exercise in self-promotion?

During the summer there really isn't a lot to watch on tv (unless like me you enjoy a show like Burn Notice). As has been discussed very briefly in the FanShots, former 49er fan favorite Terrell Owens has a reality show coming to VH1 starting tomorrow night. TO joins the long list of celebrities who have decided a reality show is the best way for further publicity.

I think the odds are fairly high I will not be watching it, just as I didn't watch Barry Bonds reality show, nor the long list of other reality shows out there (in part because, well, they're NOT reality). This post was inspired in part because ESPN had an article today about the show and I thought people might be intrigued by some of the comments coming out of it.

In an eight-episode reality series set to premiere Monday on the VH-1 cable network, Owens says he'll present a counter argument to critics who portray him as a one-dimensional showboat perhaps known as much for self-indulgent sideline eruptions and quarterback criticisms as for being one of the most prolific receivers of his generation.

Owens insists the show will be more about Terrell than T.O., and will be his chance to sort of fight back against all the media that proclaims him a bad guy:

"I feel like they're poisoning minds about who I am," Owens said. "That's the unfairness of it because [people] take everything that they say as it is, pretty much biblical. I understand being journalistic and doing your job but, dude, report the facts."

At this point in my 49ers fandom I've moved past my anger towards T.O. I was pissed with his actions in San Francisco, but once I saw him do the same thing in Philadelphia and Dallas, it became more amusing than anything. Now we get to see Owens living the life in Buffalo. I'm not sure whether he's in a position to be as self and team destructive as he was previously. When he went to Philly and Dallas, both teams had established personalities and had team identities. Buffalo has some talented players but they're still a tough team to peg. Maybe going to a more anonymous locale could be just the ticket for T.O. Of course, I'm not holding my breath on that.

So I'm curious how many folks plan on catching any of The T.O. show? Even if it's just a part of one episode. I probably won't watch any of it, but that's not because of T.O. Rather, it's because I don't like most reality shows. As far as the T.O. factor? At this point I just don't care enough about him as a player to influence my decision. How about you?