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49ers 2008 Gambling Highlights and Lowlights

As promised yesterday, here is a look at how the 49ers fared as far as casinos and bookies were concerned.

Week Team Home/Road Fav./Dog Spread W/L ATS Over/Under
1 Arizona Home Underdog +2.5 L Loss Under
2 Seattle Road Underdog +6.5 W Cover Over
3 Detroit Home Favorite -5 W Cover Under
4 New Orleans
Road Underdog +5 L Loss Under
5 New England
Home Underdog +3 L Loss Over
6 Philadelphia Home Underdog +5 L Loss Over
7 NY Giants
Road Underdog +10 L Loss Under
8 Seattle Home Favorite -5.5 L Loss Over
10 Arizona Road Underdog +10 L Cover Over
11 St. Louis Home Favorite -7 W Cover Over
12 Dallas Road Underdog +9.5 L Loss Over
13 Buffalo Road Underdog +7 W Cover Under
14 NY Jets
Home Underdog +4.5 W Cover Under
15 Miami Road Underdog +5.5 L Cover Under
16 St. Louis
Road Favorite -3.5 W Loss Under
17 Washington Home Favorite -3 W Push Over


7-9 7-8-1


The 49ers ended up favorites in 5 games, 4 of which they won.  That's quite an improvement over 2007 when they were favored in only one game.  Coincidentally enough, the 49ers final numbers are in a somewhat similar ratio to the 2007 season.  In 2007 the 49ers were 5-11, but 5-10-1 against the spread.  In 2008 they were 7-9, but 7-8-1 against the spread.  Count me among the very limited number of people who are extremely curious if the pattern continues in 2009.  I did a quick look at 2006, and the pattern was not there.  Actually, it was the last time the 49ers finished with a winning record against the spread.  They were 7-9 on the field, but 9-7 against the spread thanks to close losses at Arizona and St. Louis.

For those interested, the 49ers were 3-4-1 ATS at home and 4-4 on the road.  They were 3-3 ATS against the division and they were split down the middle when it came to going over or under the total points.  Not sure if that surprises me.  Given that the offense could be explosive at times, while being truly anemic at others, maybe it shouldn't.

Just out of curiosity (and you certainly don't have to answer this), are many folks into betting on football?  No need to reveal bookies.  We'll just assume you go to casinos in Vegas to place your wagers.  Or actually Oregon, Montana or Delaware as well.  If I'm in Las Vegas for a weekend during the football season, it's safe to say that I'll place a few parlays.  They're sucker bets, but it makes some of the other games interesting anyways.