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J.P. Losman signs with UFL Las Vegas squad

Originally I was going to just post this as a FanShot, but I've decided this could be SO much more.  J.P. Losman has officially signed with the Las Vegas squad in the United Football League.  I know a lot of folks don't give a [site decorum] about the United Football League, but I'm intrigued, in part because there will be a San Francisco squad.  Accordingly, I'm thinking we'll pepper in the occasional UFL story in the coming months.  It won't take the place of 49ers coverage even remotely.  Rather, it can be a distraction from time to time.  And if people are vehemently against this, let me know and depending on the reaction we can always drop this occasional post.

The link above actually linked to a larger article over at ESPN.  That article had some comments from Losman:

"I'm trying to get back on the field as soon as possible," Losman said. "I love the game. I want to play this game. I don't want to be [in the NFL] waiting for somebody to get hurt or not play well.

"We're trying to have as much success as possible here, try to create some buzz ... and then go through [NFL free agency] again next year."

There has been plenty of commentary out there about Michael Vick eventually ending up in the UFL.  For now though, J.P. Losman is the face of the league.  Well, at least until Tim Ratty actually realizes it's his destiny to go to the UFL.  Losman is in a fairly decent situation, all things considered.  He'll be coached by Jim Fassel who did great things for some solid QBs.  Maybe he can help Losman.  And who knows, maybe J.P. Losman can follow in the hallowed footsteps of former XFL MVP Tommy Maddox.

I actually think the UFL could find a niche that would make it somewhat useful to the NFL, although maybe not in its current form.  I think there would be value in some sort of minor league for the NFL and I think such a league will eventually fill that role.  I'm actually working on a discussion with cgolden of Revenge of the Birds about ideas for a minor or developmental league for the NFL.