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Golden Nuggets: Thursday? All the same to me..

Hello, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Like yesterday, it seems we have a few links, more than one or two at least, which is a good sign. Things also should be picking up relatively soon which is good for me. See, the last few weeks and months even I've been semi-lazy on the link-searching, buy now that I know we've got news I'll be more open to get different perspectives from different sources, and we might even get to use the jump one of these days. Do you remember that folks, the last time we had a jump on the Nuggets? Me neither. Anyway, here's your links.

The draft will now run three days, and begin on Thursday. (

Kevin Lynch of the chronicle responds to questions and comments from his readers over at the Chronicle. (

A somewhat gushy, though interesting article on Jed York. (

McKillop's Diary: Countdown to Camp. Side note, anybody else LOVE the new official website? The old one was so slow I hated checking there for links. (

...What exactly does "physical with an f" mean? Seriously, I haven't read this article yet but its bugging the crap outta me. I'll read it after I post these. (

So uh... Michael Vick, anyone? Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. (

Do you consider yourself the betting type? Well here's a look at a few odds for the NFC West. (

And another betting article. (

An article on the state's budget and the Santa Clara stadium deal. (

A good article from the Chronicle on what it means to be the NFL Commissioner. (