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49ers single game tickets go on sale tomorrow morning!

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While they may not sell in mere seconds, it's still useful to know that the 49ers will be putting single game tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10am.  I'm guessing that is local (pacific) time.  While tickets may be available for a while, I'd like to hope demand will be a little hire this year.  So, if you want to be there for the home opener against the Seahawks, the Thursday NFL Network Primetime game against Chicago, or the Monday Nighter against Arizona, get your tickets early.

To purchase tickets tomorrow (and going forward), you have a couple options:

1. Online: Go to Ticketmaster's 49ers page.  The drawback is they only accept VISA (that's lame).

2. Phone: Call ticketmaster at 800-745-3000.  Again, only VISA allowed (what is this world coming to?).

3. Ticketmaster also has outlets selling tickets that you can find through

4. The 49ers have a phone number you can call for ticket information (415-464-9377), but I'm guessing the person who answers that number will push you on season or group tickets, and then end up referring you to Ticketmaster.

So if you're looking to get single game tickets, tomorrow is your first opportunity.