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Golden Nuggets: Come on, Crabtree!

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Of note today is the signing of Nate Davis that took place yesterday, to a four year contract. This of course is leading to speculation about WR Michael Crabtree, and when he is going to finally agree to a contract, what with training camp being just around the corner... I'd like to hope we get a deal done soon, as all of you should. Side note before I post the links (only a couple of them so far, but I hope to update), apologies for getting these up about an hour late. Anyway, enjoy.

Do you think it will be a challenge for the 49ers to get WR Michael Crabtree signed before training camp? I hope we get it done soon, I don't want the guy I'm already unsure of to start holding out... (

Nate Davis has signed his contract, and this article also includes some responses to reader comments. (

Barrows continues his look at the 49ers' running backs, looking mostly at the fullbacks. (\

An offseason progress report, a la Yahoo Sports. (

Area scout Ethan Waugh talks about what he's doing this offseason as a scout for the Niners. (