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One week til Traning Camp - Excited for '09?

So here's the deal... I wanted to post this article about Crabtree by now, but he hasn't signed, so he's not officially a Niner yet... That kind of story gets saved until we lock that man up for 3-5 years. This Saturday morning, I bring you optimism. We've looked at the best case scenario, we've shuddered at the worst case scenario (which had some of the best comments I've seen since coming to this site), and now we are OFFICIALLY 3 weeks away from the beginning of 49ers football (vs Nolan no less... sweet).

So let's ride the optimism train for as long as we can. If we get disappointed mid-season, meh, we're used to it by now. But while whe can be optimistic, let's take full advantage of it. What are you, as a Niners fan, looking forward to the most this season? Do you want to see Singletary command a full season at the helm? Have you been biding your time until you can see Shaun Hill work 16 games under center? Is Takeo Spikes your jam, and are you twiddling your thumbs, waiting for him to dominate next to Patrick Willis?

I'll get this ball rolling... I'm moving to Philadelphia soon for grad school/teaching, and in that market it is Eagles 24/7. Plus, since I'll be a poor college student (again... Lame), ESPN is a luxury I can no longer afford - network TV for me friends. So how is a Niners blogger possibly going to be able to keep up on our Niners in a city that bleeds green? Multiple options;

A) I live across the street from a bar with Sunday Ticket - That will make for some fun Sundays.

B) My family has Sunday Ticket, and they stream all games online, so when I want to just scream in joy/frustration all year, I have a private place to do so.

C) Niners @ Eagles. [Site Decorum] yeah mother [Site Decorum]ers. 

So I guess I'm MOST looking forward to C, but in general, I can't wait to wear my emotions on my sleeve as I stomp around (hopefully) in joy because of my Niners, rubbing it in the faces of all my Eagles fans.

This year looks like some fun for me, so now let me hear about you. Do you have season tickets? Are you dating a girl/guy that FINALLY shares your passion for football/the 49ers? Are you just plum ready to see P. WIlli bend someone in half? I am truely curious (especially if you are planning to spend week 15 in Philly!)