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Golden Nuggets: Getting Kinda Hard to Crank That Crabtree Without a Contract...

Good morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Of interest to day is, to my dismay, another article concerning Michael Crabtree and the issues in getting his contract done. Word is, as you can expect, he wants to get paid better than a 10th overall pick. What he doesn't seem to understand is, this rarely ever happens and its looking like this will go until him and his agent cave in. It should be interesting to see if the Niners end up scrambling to get a deal done at this point. Either way, I've only got a few links for you today, and I'm not too sure there will be any updating material later, but we'll see. Enjoy, folks.

So exactly how bad is the situation between the two: WR Michael Crabtree and the 49ers? (

A somewhat depressing article on Shaun Hill, the college he went to, and his football memories. (

Barrows moves on to wide receivers in his analysis of the 49ers' roster. Who the [site decorum] is Dobson Collins? (

Gore is getting ready for a good fantasy season--I really hate headlines like these, I mean, I'd like to think he's getting ready for a GOOD season altogether, yeah? (

Here's an interesting article to round things off: Alex Smith was NOT the answer. (

Just in case you didn't hear during the Nate Davis signing news, the 49ers waived safety Lewis Baker. What cuts are to follow, perhaps? (

Five games to watch in the NFC West. Hey, the 49ers are on there! Awesome! (