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Golden Nuggets: The News... Or Lack Thereof

Good morning, afternoon or evening folks. James here with your Nuggets for the day. Today, there's not so much news, but more of a lack of news that is driving the articles. Basically, Crabtree still has not signed a contract and doesn't seem to be close to doing so... Thus, more articles talking about this and possibly why are sprouting up. Not that you're likely to get any new information from them at this point, but its always good to see the different opinions. I think I may have an article or two about the quarterback situation, not sure. Any way, here's you're links for the day, enjoy.

Crabtree doesn't seem to be close to a contract signing. (

Lynch of the Chronicle seems to be doing nothing these days but battling back criticism after criticism from his readers, and I must say he's doing a pretty good job at it. He discusses the ideal weights for offensive lineman in this article. (

An article about Shaun Hill which I agree with--the guy doesn't get enough respect. (

And a nice, big article about the guy. (Shaun Hill, if you're a slow one) (

Here's just a general article on the state of the 49ers, or more aptly, a training camp preview. (

What to look for as the 49ers prepare for training camp. Do keep in mind that the article is bay-area based, so it also talks about the... Raiders. (

Full broadcasts of the 49ers' five Super Bowls are going to be released on DVD in August. (