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Michael Crabtree Holdout/Stalemate: Basic English, Basic Math

The rookies are reporting to camp today and will be made available to the media from 3:30 to 6pm.  This of course gets us closer to the Michael Crabtree holdout/stalemate scenario.  In reading over the articles about the Michael Crabtree contract concerns, one common theme has developed.  Some folks refuse to call this a holdout, instead opting to refer to it as a "stalemate."  They contend that Crabtree has nothing from which to holdout so he and the 49ers are simply at a stalemate.  Other folks have used the words interchangeably.  While most folks could probably care less, I thought I'd throw out my official position and why I think I'm write right.

While I do think stalemate can be used, I think assuming Crabtree doesn't report on time, this would certainly be considered a holdout.  Let's look at the definitions (yes I know I'm a dork), as provided by

Holdout: One that withholds agreement or consent upon which progress is contingent; a negotiator who hopes to gain concessions by refusing to come to terms; a refusal by a negotiator to come to terms in the hope of obtaining a better deal

Stalemate: A situation in which further action is blocked; a deadlock; a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

Folks have said that because Crabtree is starting from a position of nothing he can't be holding out for more.  I would disagree.  While he has no money, given the structure of the NFL draft and salary slotting, Crabtree does have an expectation of money for which he can hold out for more.

Looking at the picks around Crabtree (and using small simple numbers), say the #5 pick signs for $175, the #8 pick signs for $100, the #9 picks signs for $90 and the #11 pick signs for $75.  Wouldn't we all agree that in the current system, the #10 pick could have an expectation or even entitlement to between $76 and $89?  If that's the case and he feels he should be paid like the #5 pick, isn't the #10 pick then actually holding out for more money than he's entitled to?

Many (possible all) of you may find this the biggest waste of time ever.  However, it's been bouncing around in my head these last couple days so I figured I'd get my thoughts down here.  If you disagree or can verbalize this better, feel free.