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Golden Nuggets: Crabtree, Crabtree and more Crabtree

Good morning folks, James here with your Golden Nuggets. To start, let me apologize for not getting the Nuggets up yesterday, there was trouble with the internet and it was proving to be entirely frustrating. Also, I'm getting these up about an hour later than usual, but whaddaya gonna do? As far as news goes well.. Can you guess? Of course, there's a few articles, well actually, more than a few articles on Michael Crabtree and his "holdout." So I'll NOT be including oh about.. ten of them which read exactly the same way, but you'll see at least one or two. Anyway, here's some links.

Singletary speaks on the Crabtree situation. (

Rookies reported to camp, as well as the two battling quarterbacks. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

Here's more on the Crabtree thing, and as a bonus, Singletary says no to Michael Vick. (

A few notes about training camp. (

I know there's more, but I have to get this up right now, sorry folks I hope to be updating in an hour when I'm not so busy.