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Golden Nuggets: Dentist = ...Not that bad.

Morning everyone, morning. James here, returning to do your Nuggets. You might have missed me yesterday, I had to sleep rather early as I had a dentist appointment, which, oddly enough, wasn't really unpleasant in the least. It was in fact, rather painless which goes against everything I've ever heard about dentists. So I got a tooth pulled and now I'm sitting here writing this with swollen cheeks. I've got a few links for you, although I cant promise that you didn't read them in yesterday's links as I didn't really check what Fooch put together for you. Either way, enjoy them.

Hm... cant seem to get away from this stuff, an article about QB Alex Smith and, you guessed it, his friend who commited suicide. (

Steve Young joins Monday Night Football, as the third guy on the second team. This is good news, I always find myself (when listening to the radio most of the time) surprised at how intelligent Young actually is when he talks about the game. (

A good article which also makes me wonder--who is the leader on the 49ers? Which player is looked up to and respected? (

An article about the one guy I don't know how to predict--Vernon Davis. (

Barrows continues his look at the inside linebacker position. (