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Golden Nuggets: Still No Contract

Good morning everyone, James here reporting for duty with another edition of the Golden Nuggets. As training camp begins we've got more and more articles, I've got about 10-15 in front of me right this second, I'll make an effort to read them all and get these up asap so you can read them, as I'm starting this edition a bit late. So what's in the news today? Of course, we've got Michael Crabtree talks who still has yet to sign a contract, but personally I'm not too worried/interested in the whole ordeal myself. I'll attempt to weed out most of those. Either way, here's some news for you.

A look, not only at WR Michael Crabtree's holdout but the possibilites of a rookie pay scale, which makes a whole ton of sense, don't you think? (

In case you didn't already see it, the 49ers put CB Walt Harris on IR. (

Singletary is preaching preperation before practice, as the team has spent/is spending the first few days in training camp in the classroom instead of on the field. ( took a look at the top 10 positional battles this coming season, and what do you know, our own little quarterback battle made the list. Personally, I'm rooting for Shaun Hill. And I'm semi-interested in the other battles for our Niners a bit more...(

Look folks, rookie contract issues are NOT new to the NFL. (

Could the Crabtree situation become a huge problem for the 49ers? No, no it wont... Also, I've always wondered who PFW's "team insiders" were. They always seem to be privy to such information and statements such as the one in this story which is clearly exclusive and not known by everyone else. ...Do I seem a little sarcastic right now? Sorry. (

Great America's owners are demanding more access to information regarding the 49ers' new stadium plans in Santa Clara, and are going as far as to threaten legal action if these demands aren't met. Interesting. (

An article about free agent signee, DE Demetric Evans. (

The 49ers have one available roster spot at the moment. (

How do you feel about the way Singletary is handling the Crabtree situation? I hadn't thought of it, myself. (

Here's some pointspreads for the 49ers this upcoming season. (Early pointspreads, that is.) (