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Golden Nuggets: Fresh Links!

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. There was an absence of links yesterday but I'm back today (albeit a few minutes late, but whaddaya gonna do, right?) with YOU KNOW IT--more than two links! Oh, how I long for the days of actually having to make a jump in a post. I could actually pick and choose my links because there were plenty to deal with but now.. I've got to work with what I've got. Fortunately, I don't stand for terrible articles (unless I feel like I need to laugh at them in front of all of you) so you can count on everything I link to being a good read. All that being siad, enjoy the links I've got for you while they're still hot!

Here's an odd acquisition. The 49ers are bringing in a rookie linebacker to play fullback. An interesting choice, must have missed the guy myself. But hey, competition never hurt anyone (a lie.) So it seems he'll be battling for a special teams spot. (

Be sure to check out Jerry Rice's episode of Homecoming this coming Thursday. The article cites Rice as being a first ballot hall-of-famer... I'd LOVE to meet the guy who says he doesn't deserve it. (

A look at who will be the 49er's return man this upcoming season. Obviously it will be Rossum but who else is a candidate to share the duty or even take over in case of injury? Last season I was all for my man Zeigler getting a chance, and if he's an option I'd like the team to run him through some more drills. But in my min the only guy who could step in right now is WR Michael Spurlock, I've always liked the kid, andI  hope he gets a roster spot. (

Samuel Lam gives a breakdown of the 49ers' week 12 opponents, the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is one of my most anticipated matchups,  honestly. Why? I don't know. (

An article that I didn't find.. particularly interesting or well-thought-out, but then again, you might. The Bi-Polar 49ers. (

Rod Woodson called Patrick Willis the best middle linebacker in the NFL. I couldn't agree more. All respect to Ray Lewis, though. The guy is a beast, but P Willy is comin'. (