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Golden Nuggets: Move over Norris and Keasey? HAH!

Good morning folks. James here with your Nuggets for the day. A bit of... carelessness on my part yesterday, I completely forgot to do the links. Didn't even cross my mind, sorry everyone! We had a few links, too... Any way, I'll post the links that should have been posted yesterday along with what I should be posting today. Still, there's not a lot but there's enough to tide you over until the next edition (I hope.) Of interest is mainly the article on Alex Boone, did anybody ever watch him in college? I only caught him once or twice but I was impressed to say the least. He should be a good addition to this team, provided he can win a roster spot. I think I'd rather have him than Marvel Smith.

A memorial service is planned for one of the original members of the 49ers. (

A look at OT Alex Boone, a guy I sincerely hope wins the RT spot this coming season. Maybe not right from the beginning, but I think he has a lot of talent and an extremely high ceiling. Here's to hoping we have a solid line next season.. (

Joe Montana scores again. An article about a construction bid or something of the sort, I'll admit I didn't read it. (

Move over Moran Norris and Zak Keasey? Yeah, right. You all most likely have already read about the 49ers signing a new FB (converted from LB) but the beginning of this article is just great. Keasey's place on special teams should be solidified, and Moran Norris is a certified beast. Seeing him in person, man, I didn't realize how big he was. I'm projecting Miller to provide just about nothing to the 49ers this coming season. (

Hm.. Not too sure what I think of this article. I mean, I've always enjoyed the preseason. Am I the only one here at NN that this applies to? I get to see my man Thomas Clayton shred defenders like nobody's business! (

Dre Bly says he was the scapegoat in Denver. Personally, I want to see Bly battle Terrel Brown, who I believe has the tools and skills to be our number 2 CB. (