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2009 49ers Training Camp: Day One Open Thread

FOOCH'S NOTE 4:50PM: The 49ers have kicked off their afternoon practice and I thought I'd use the same open thread from earlier today to provide updates for this practice.  Updates down at the bottom.

Well, after months talk, free agency, talk, the draft, talk, minicamp and yet more talk, we're finally here: The 2009 San Francisco 49ers take the field for some real, actual practices.  One of the pluses to starting practice is that we should get some quality AP photos available to post.  Once they start showing up I'll get them up for folks to check out.

Speaking of photos, some of you managed to score tickets for either the morning or afternoon practice.  We'd love to hear folks thoughts on what they see, as well as any pictures you might take during practice.  In the meantime, I'll be hear to provide updates on camp.  We've got some great resources in the 49ers beat writers so we'll keep an eye out for info.  The first practice is at 8:30am and the second practice is around 4:30pm.

And for those concerned about Michael Crabtree's absence, the Bills opened camp a week ago with only four of their eight draft picks signed.  As of last night they had signed three more, but remain without #1 pick Aaron Maybin and it's not looking to end anytime soon.  So hopefully Crabtree will get things worked out in time to practice this weekend (although I'm certainly not holding my breath).

Speaking of signings, the 49ers added two training camp bodies in defensive lineman Babtunde Oshinowo (we'll leave out the rest of this name) and guard/center Matt Spanos (to replace the released Matt Huners).  Oshinowo has a roster spot at least until RJF gets healthy.  With Ray McDonald on the PUP list he might last a little longer, but don't order that Oshinowo jersey quite yet.

All updates have been moved after thread to save some front page space.

9:55am - Shaun Hill is starting with the first team offense in practice #1.  Also, Adam Snyder is starting at right tackle over Marvel Smith.  Based on Singletary's previous comments, I'm guessing they're bringing Smith along slowly. (Barrows Twitter)

10:10am - Alex Smith's first throw was incomplete and fans booed.  He did manage to complete his next 3 passes.  I realize people might be disappointed in Smith's performance to date, but booing the first pass of training camp?  Really??? (Maiocco Twitter)

10:45am - The first practice just wrapped up.  Apparently safety Curtis Taylor pulled down an INT of a Nate Davis pass.  The most interesting comment came from Barrows: "Mvp for morning practice? How 'bout isaac sopoaga?"  I'm really excited to see Sopoaga and Balmer competing in preseason games. (Barrows Twitter/Maiocco Twitter)

11:15am - Per Maiocco, Ricky Jean-Francois has a staph infection.  That's what Josh Morgan came down with last preseason.  Let's hope RJF can recover soon.  Those can be nasty.  Additionally, Maiocco mentioned that Parys Haralson sat out the end of practice with a right hip flexor strain.  I'd imagine we'll see an update by the end of the day on that.  I'd imagine it's just the early season bumps and bruises sort of injury. (Maiocco Twitter)

1:25pmMaiocco and Barrows have their respective recaps of the morning practice up.  At this point it sounds like there's been a good deal of hitting going on in a "nutcracker" drill.  Interesting drill to say the least.  Maiocco had an unofficial first day depth chart.  A few interesting observations

  • Tarell Brown got the start over Dre Bly with the first team defense
  • Michael Robinson started over Zak Keasey at FB (while Moran Norris is out)
  • Dominique Zeigler was ahead of Arnaz Battle at split end; Additionally, Jason Hill was 3rd on the flanker depth chart - Zeigler was 2nd on the split end depth chart, so not sure how that evens out
  • And once again, Adam Snyder started over Marvel Smith at right tackle.  Smith is being eased back into things.

And the line of the day so far comes from Shaun Hill via Maiocco's Twitter:

Shaun Hill said 49ers QB job isn't his to lose. "It's mine to take," he said.



4:50pm - Some quick injury updates.  Marvel Smith is sitting out this practice.  I thought he wasn't in the early practice, but I think he was actually just with the second team.  Hopefully we'll get some updates on that.  Additionally, Parys Haralson's hip flexor, mentioned above, is keeping him out of the afternoon practice.  Marques Harris is the 1st team ROLB in his place.  (Barrows Twitter/Maiocco Twitter)

5:30pm - Shaun Hill started with the first team offense again.  I don't think we can look too much into this at this point.  It's possible tomorrow we'll see Alex Smith getting all the first team snaps.  That's definitely something worth tracking over the course of traning camp before the preseason games begin.  Also, apparently Ahmad Brooks is now filling in for Haralson. (Barrows Twitter/Maiocco Twitter)