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Golden Nuggets: Let Boot Camp Begin

Morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Was a bit absent yesterday (whoops) but I'm back now. So what's new in 49erland today? Well I'll start with what's NOT new. WR Michael Crabtree hasn't signed a contract yet. I'm wondering how long this will take, but looking at our group of wide receivers, I'm not TOO worried about the signing (or lack thereof) with what we have.. I mean, I don't want to lose a player like Crabtree, he could end up being great for us, but I mean, we could afford to not have him around for a week or two. That being said, I'm gonna jump right into the links. Enjoy.

What can we expect from the defense this coming season? Well for one, no more guessing what scheme will be running: consistency is the key. (

The 49ers are "full of fight". (

Speaking of fighting, Vernon Davis says he's not going to be doing any of it. I sincerely doubt it, not to mention I feel almost no hope for our tight end to turn it around and be a good player. Oh well, we'll see, wont we? I hope I'm wrong. (

Here's a short 'TC' preview. I like the spelling mistake on Tarell Brown's name. (

49ers put Ray McDonald on the PUP list. (

Singletary's training camp will be a lot like boot camp. I can see the injuries already. (

The team picked up another offensive lineman for training camp. (

The 49ers have an official Facebook page... I use Facebook, myself, but I'm not too sure I'll be adding the team. (

Guard David Baas takes the training camp diary duty this year. (

FB Moran Norris is going to miss the opening of camp. (

A look at the impact the 49ers new stadium will have on Santa Clara. (

Camp Singletary is looking to be "brutal." (

Are the 49ers playoff worthy? Hm... (