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Golden Nuggets: Maturity? Yeah, Right...

Goooood morning people, James here with your Nuggets for today. Not sure what the date is, but oh well. All that's important is the preseason has officially started and I'm giddier than a [site decorum] with a [site decorum] in [site decorum.] In other words, I'm pretty [site decorum] happy. Ok, I think I went a little overboard there, so I'll apologize to whoever was offended by my... sailor talk. Anyway, moving along.. I mean, there will be 49ers links of course but man... did you see that fake punt? That was totally awesome, too bad Jeff Fisher wasted a perfectly good play in the preseason. You think anyone's going to fall for that now? Ah, well, on to the Niner links, I suppose.

Putting pressure on Crabtree. Can he turn out so bad with such swell guys on the team?! Who knows. (

Frank Gore told Vernon Davis to show maturity--good luck, Mr. Gore, the coaching staff has been telling him that for a few years now. It wont happen. (

Eye of the Tiger - Gore Style. Hm. I don't see the song reference in the article, oh well. (\

Here's an interesting article: how choice 49ers prepared for training camp this offseason. (

Here's a breakdown of one of the morning practices, which I'm posting solely because the phrase concerning Zeigler "He's gotta make the team." I agree. Also, fun fact about this link, after I linked the page on the word "breakdown" I seriously considered linking to some random.. Japanese breakdance competition. Why Japanese, you may ask? I challenge you with this: why not? (

Here's another article about Vernon Davis and his "Ungodly potential." If he doesn't perform this season, I say we make hum put on a bunch of weight and solve our RT problems. (

Maiocco has an "offensive review." A bit of a breakdown of the players on offense. Am I the only one who saw the AWESOME pun about our new receiver? Has a lot of CATCHING up to do. Eh? Ehhhh? Come onnnn. (

Mike Singletary is the 49ers' top ad-man. (

I initially ranted for a whole paragraph about just how much I disliked this article, but I decided to leave it at this sentence. Something or other about Crabtree and the Niners doing something not intelligent. (

Road to the Roster: CB Jahi Word-Daniels. (

20 Questions: G Chilo Rachal. (