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Golden Nuggets: Banished!

Good morning everyone, James here once again with your Nuggets for the day. Sorry I'm getting this up a bit late, I was busy with other things. Yes, yes, your humble link reporter does have a life outside of reading on the Niners. I mean, it's not a terribly exciting life, but [site decorum] [site decorum] [site decorum] to you too. I dare you to guess what I just said. Any way, on to 49ers news. It seems Alex Smith was banished to the hill, which I cant help but laugh at. I spoke with an old friend today (haven't seen in close to two years) about the 49ers and he did nothing but spew hate for Alex Smith, stating that there were times he wanted to just put his foot through his TV. Amen to that. All I know is, I hope he does good because this is without a doubt his last chance. Either way, moving on to the links...

QB Alex Smith was indeed banished to "the hill." Comments above. (

HB Frank Gore is ready. As ready as he'll ever be to have another huge season like he did in 2006. I hope he does, we need this guy to be good. (

The decision for who wins the starting quarterback job will likely be made after seeing the two play in the preseason. Not sure if I can find it, but I'm pretty sure it was stated earlier in the offseason that they would know by the third exhibition game. Of course, I could just be spouting nonsense. Who knows? (

CB Dre Bly and OT Adam Snyder look great in practice so far. I'm happy about the second one, but just OK for the first one. Don't get me wrong, Bly is a good addition, I just wish Terrel Brown wasn't injured because I think he'd take it. He's young and I want to see him grow as a starter, not as a nickle corner. (

Maiocco recaps the 18th practice of training camp, from yesterday. (

HB Kory Sheets hopes to make an impact in training camp. I like all of our half backs, that's one thing I want everyone to understand when I speak highly of Thomas Clayton. I like Glen Coffee, I like Kory Sheets, I like Frank Gore and I even have a soft spot for Michael Robinson. But I'm more than a little dismayed that Clayton wont be making the roster, it's all but for certain at this point. Oh well, I hope he goes on to some (non-rival) team and has a good run. Get it? A good run? Ahah! (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Camp Spotlight:... Damon Huard? Huh? (

A look at the 49ers QBs coach. (


Here's another recap-type-thing. (