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Caption This: Training Camp I

Hello ladies and gents, long time no see. I've spent the past week on vacation in So Cal, doing as little as possible, but it is nice to get back to the grind that is following what is the best football franchise on the planet. Since it has been a bit, I'm going to ease myself back into writing with something I owe you guys; a Caption This.

The picture to my left is your candidate for the first Caption This of training camp, and boy is it a good one. Summing up the whole QB battle in a nutshell - the struggle for the ball between Shaun Hill and Alex Smith. This is almost too easy, which means I expect some pretty fan-[site decorum]ing-tastic captions for this photo. You know the rules by now, suggest the best caption you have in the comments section of this article. Then, Rec your favorites by clicking action, then Rec. The captions with the most Rec's make the voting round.

The most recent voting round wasn't even close, and here is the winning caption and picture:

"God! I’m so happy you’re not JT!!!!!"

Internet Kudos to foosball4949, for dominating the Caption This voting round. And with that, I officially exorcise the ghosts of the 2008 49ers. No More JTO talk - he's a Bungle now, and not our concern. This is not the same team that missed out on the playoffs last year. This team is prepared to shock the world. This team, gray facemasks and all, will show the NFL that the NFC West is a force to be reckoned with... (OK, that's just my excitement taking it a bit too foar, but nevertheless, I'm just ready for football to start NOW).

Who else can't WAIT for Friday?? CAPTION THIS!!!