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Golden Nuggets: Surprise Us? Not Likely..

Morning to all, Ninja here reporting once again to my post, the Golden Nuggets. The NFL preseason is under way and I couldn't be happier. Sure there's a few bumps here and there (Michael Crabtree contract issues, my personal Thomas Clayton fan club going down the drain, Terell Brown nursing that toe of his) but all I know is I'm relieved that I can turn on the TV and watch some football. More than that, I'm relieved I can head to San Francisco on Friday and catch the first game of the 49ers exhibition season. This will be my first time as a season ticket holder, and I have to say I'm more than a little excited. Now if only we knew who was starting at quarterback... Oh well, here's some links for ya, folks. Enjoy.

WR Michael Crabtree is becoming the scapegoat for everything bad in the world. It is true. (

HB Kory Sheets is challenging Thomas Clayton for a roster spot. I wont claim any kind of conspiracy here, but I believe Sheets will get it, but not because he's better. Clayton just may not fit what our coaching staff wants, I suppose. Apparently his name has come up in trade talks. (

Maiocco has a rather in depth defensive review. If you missed it, here's his offensive review. (

Will Mike Nolan surprise the 49ers? The only way I see that happening is if he actually uses a player correctly. (

Here is a rather in depth preview of the 49ers and how they'll look in 2009. I don't agree with all of it, mostly bits about Josh Morgan, Isaac Bruce, Chilo Rachal and Eric Heitman but nonetheless an interesting read. (

Here's a roster breakdown from the same source. (

The defense is getting ready for Denver. Aww yeeeah! (

Here's some notes from yesterday's training camp, and a Q&A with C Eric Heitman, who I believe is the best player on our o-line. (

Always a good read, here's a 49ers Team Report from Yahoo. (

Shaun Hill's leadership and command could be what gets him the starting nod after not having done anything drastic to lose his position as starter. (

20 Questions: S Dashon Goldson. (

The defense turned to intense blitzing in training camp recently. (

An article on Isaac Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce. (