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Golden Nuggets: Have to say it, of course... Don't Taze Me Bro!

Gooood morning everyone, James here with your Golden Nuggets for the day. Much apologies, I seem to be very late in beginning this article, and thus I'll be late in posting it. Just got busy and couldn't help the fact. Either way I should have a bunch of links for you as I have in the past few days. Something or other about a taser, which I just cant wait to read. Remember if I've missed anything (likely in my haste today) and you find an article that I didn't dig up, feel free to post it so long as it's not from a garbage source or says something bad about HB Thomas Clayton. Ok, maybe I can't dictate what you post, but I can certainly [site decorum] about it. Enjoy your links

QB Alex Smith is being the nice guy. I kind of want to see this kid fired up and spitting flames though. Oh well. (

So here's a look at the 49ers' version of the Wildcat, which they're calling the "Taser." (

Maiocco recaps a practice from yesterday. (

WR Micheal Spurlock has been a pleasant surprise thus far. I have a good feeling he'll make the roster, though I hope not in place of either Dominique Zeigler or Jason Hill. (

Si yeah, WR Michael Crabtree still has yet to even consider signing a contract. I'm really starting to dislike his agent. I also still stick with my initial observations on the kid, which I'll not post here. (

I certainly hope the 49ers aren't too tired to play football come tomorrow. (

A general article on training camp and the upcoming game against Denver, of note is Raye saying he wants to see Thomas Clayton and Kory Sheets to see what he has to work with. I'm pulling for Clayton. (

Camp Spotlight: Cody Wallace. (

Mike Singletary is sticking to a physical training camp. (