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Golden Nuggets: Just FINE Without Crabtree, Thank You!

Gooood morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day and I am just great! First time to the 'Stick in years and I had a blast. How about them Niners, huh? I saw a lot of good things and a few bad things. One thing I'll note is that during the game, being there, I thought our quarterbacks looked awful, but I suppose it's just a thing that you get the feeling for when you're present, because when I got back and watched a bit of the game, they really didn't look as bad as they did in person. Anyway, I had the cheap seats but I don't care, was a good time. I have a good feeling about this team, but I'm not holding onto hope that we'll win versus Oakland or the other two games, our backups just seem to get dominated. Regular season however... well we'll see. Anyway, on to your links, folks!

Before I get all external on you, here's a pretty well-written recap from one of us here at the Nation. (

A little less than external here, how about the post-game article from our resident Broncos blog? (

Maiocco has quite a few notes on the game. (

That's right, we got along just fine without Michael Crabtree. Still, I'd like to have the kid sooner rather than later. (

The secondary led the way in the victory over the Broncos. Well, that is, the secondary sans Jahi Word-Daniels and Mark Roman. Surprised? Me neither. (

Mike Singletary says "Thank God for the preseason," and I agree on some aspects. Also some notes and quotes. (



There's no change in the QB situation as of the end of this game, the battle is still on at this point. Right now I'd give the edge to uh... Damon Huard? No, surely not. Shaun Hill. (

HB Thomas Clayton (my boy) left the game with a knee injury. I spent most of the time while he was on the ground looking in my binoculars at the some-25 cops rushing into the stands on the opposite side to break up some sort of brawl. (

We went right by the deadline to trade Crabtree, confident that we'll get him signed. (

Always a good read, Barrows and his game day blog. (

Here's the game center for yesterday's game from (

More links and what not after the jump...

I think dominates is a strong word, but we did get four picks (three official) so yeah. (

Post game article/recap from ESPN here, focusing on Orton's three picks. (

And a pretty complete recap from Yahoo. (

Here's a sort of play-by-play on the drives with some quotes sprinkled in. (

Not really much you haven't read already, but some notes here. (

Will update in a short while after I get some food. Enjoy. Also, if you feel up to it, I'd head over to the Bengals SB Nation blog and warn the poor soul who said "OK. I know I have been a fan of J.T. Since his UCD days. But still you have to admit that a QB rating of 134.84 is an impressive stat for a bu QB." not to be fooled by his trickery. Don't actually do this, of course 1. Because it'd be rude and 2. Because it'd be funnier if the team places any faith at all in J.T. and burns for it.