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Golden Nuggets: Work to Do!

Morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. I know what you're thinking: "Are the Nuggets coming up at 4 from now on?" I know you're thinking this because OBVIOUSLY there are a ton of you who get on at exactly 3 AM Pacific just to read what I have to say--the answer is no, I've just been very busy lately. They'll be back an hour earlier starting um... well, looking at the clock, starting tomorrow seeing as I'm typing this at 3:25. That being said I have a decent amount of links for you today, and if I start to cry a little about Clayton's ACL tear well, I apologize. On to the links, enjoy!

Here's an analysis of the 49ers' first offensive drive, with Shaun Hill at the helm. Pretty good stuff, methinks. All except for Keasey, who I cant seem to find a soft spot for anymore. (

After that game, there is still no winner, or for that matter, front runner in the quarterback competition in San Francisco. (

HB Thomas Clayton tore his ACL. Now, I'm not crazy and even through my adoration I can see that Kory Sheets did a serviceable job last night. I wont mind having him on the roster in place of Clayton. (

RT Adam Snyder seemed to impress Mike Singletary--which is good because he impressed me to. Wragge on the other hand... (

Here's what Singletary had to say the day after the game. (That's yesterday, folks.) (

Not too sure I understand the "hurt themselves" portion of this Team Report, but Manny Lawson only saw a few snaps, I cant judge him just yet. (

Singletary says we've got work to do. (

Are the Denver Bronco's a poor measuring stick to judge just how good we are? Probably. (

The quarterback battle is "heating up." Which is odd because I don't see any increase in.. well, suffice to say I don't see how it's heating up when literally nothing has changed and neither side stepped it up. (

Jed York is still confident that the 49ers will reach an agreement with WR Michael Crabtree. I'm not holding my breath. (

Thumbs up and Thumbs down for the game against Denver. (

To finish, Maiocco has a player-by-player recap from the game with the Broncos. (