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Brett Favre to reportedly sign with Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre is apparently like Jason, or any other horror movie villain.  I really didn't want to have to deal with this, but I think there is useful discussion in this for 49ers fans, and everybody loves a cheap traffic bump once in a while!  ESPN, among others, is reporting that Brett Favre is about to sign a $10-$12 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings.  Our Vikings blog Daily Norseman has already welcomed him after getting jerked back and forth by this news the entire offseason.

I figure we can keep this reeeeeeal simple for 49ers fans.  We had a FanPost a while back titled: "Brett Favre staying retired: Effect on 49ers-Vikings?"  So while we could just reverse what people said before, I wanted to open the discussion back up as to how this affects the 49ers September 27 matchup with the Vikings?  Obviously this isn't a rookie coming into NFL camp needing the playbook to catch up completely (see Crabtree, Michael).  Favre needs to know the plays, but he's a guy who got by a lot on improvising.  However, he still has to get in sync with the offense, which will take some time.

So how does this play out week 3 of the regular season?