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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums squaring off in fantasy football

Oh it's on!  Yahoo! is putting together a rather interesting contest involving their fantasy football website.  Mayors from various football cities will be squaring off in a fantasy football league kicking off on September 10 and concluding on December 28.  The winning mayor takes home $15,000 for the local non-profit sports program of his or her choice.  Additionally, there is a place to vote for San Francisco to try and win a second $15,000 donation for the same type of program.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom and Oakland mayor Ron Dellums will both be taking part, along with at least 9 other mayors.  The list only includes a 11, but I'd imagine we'll see a 12th get involved to make it an even league.

The live draft will be taking place tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:30am pacific time.  You can go to the informational page, or directly to the league page to follow the draft tomorrow.  I'll post another heads-up on it tomorrow morning.  I'm thinking we'll try and keep up with the league over the course of the season.  In the meantime, if you click on that information page link above and scroll down a little bit you can vote for your favorite city among a group of 9.  Right now San Francisco is trailing by quite a bit.