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Golden Nuggets: Day One Complete, So Many Links!

Good morning everyone, James here checking in for another edition of your Golden Nuggets. Real training camp just began yesterday and the articles are literally pouring in. I've got plenty of news concerning this, how our players performed, how the coach felt about the way they performed, stuff like that. I'm betting I've got some updates on the Michael Crabtree situation and I'm certain there's much, much more. We've got recaps, we've got previews, I'm pretty sure we've got some recaps or previews, and I'm almost certain there's at least one preview of a recap for tomorrow. Lots of pictures too, make sure you check the links near the end for some pictures from camp. So I'm going to get right into it and give you as many as possible and who knows, we might even utilize the jump today, that'd be a treat, no?

QB Alex Smith sure got an earful on the first day of practice, being both booed after his first past and his all-too-familiar hesitation. Reports also state that he was cheered throughout, however. (

Singletary preaches his punishing drill, the Nutcracker. I hope he doesn't break out guys. I'm not sure how I feel about the first day of training camp, if I fully agree with Sing's vision, but I hope it works regardless. (

Coach Mike Singletary condones the booing! I can just see him now "PUT SOME HAIR ON YA CHEST!" But maybe not. Either way, awesome right? (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook, always a good read. (

WR Michael Crabtree was absent from camp, he has yet to sign a contract. I wrote an article on the matter, I'll post it later on in the links. (

There's a lot of recaps, I'll post the best ones up front here and hopefully post some more after the jump. Maiocco recaps the first practice. (

And here's his recap of the second practice. Hey, the article mentions WR Michael Spurlock. What do you guys think the chances are he makes the roster to share kick return duties? I think the kid has a lot of promise, I'd like us to hold on to him. (

An article focusing on the crowd's booing of Alex Smith, but also contains a list of what the starting offense and defenses looked like. Starting CB Tarell Brown is what I like to see. (

Was Singletary unhappy with how the 49ers performed in day one? This article is suspect, but who knows. (

Here's some training camp updates from the official website. (

Shaun Hill brings a winning history to the QB battle. I'm all for Hill, myself. Actually, while I'm pulling for Hill, I'm for whoever does better. Is Alex Smith shines, hey, he's my guy. (

Make the jump for more takes on what happened at camp and other misc articles.

Here we've got a closer look at some of the more physical drills. (

One of the more complete recaps of the first day of practice. I'm not sure what I'm taking out of this first day, I'll let you know tomorrow. (

Another look at the "nutcracker" and a recap of some of the more interesting matchups. Michael Robinson > Patrick Willis, anyone? News to me. (

Singletary is preaching a lot these days (God I love this guy) and now its fundamentals. (

The players need to come out swinging! It seems like they did, only a few are worse for wear. (

More recaps of camp, a look at the "intensity," and a little tidbit about the quarterback battle, which I'm not sure of... "Singletary said he was in no hurry to make a quarterback decision. But he seemed to be in a rush about everything else." Hmmm. (

Even MORE recaps, this one including a post-practice transcript with Mike Singletary. (

Here's my article on why we shouldn't be worried about the Michael Crabtree situation. (

And here's post-practice transcript of interviews with Singletary, LB Patrick Willis, QB Alex Smith, and QB Shaun Hill. (

And Samuel Lam has some pictures from training camp. (Writer from, pictures hosted on

If you've got any links I've missed feel free to post them, and as always check in for the thread we'll have going for the second day of training camp, and feel free to check back here for updates later.

Other things of interest: Matt Maiocco's Twitter and Facebook, Barrow's Twitter, and the official 49ers Twitter.