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Golden Nuggets: Interception Buffet? Delicious.

Goood morning everyone, James here, returning for your Golden Nuggets. I've been out the past couple of days and Fooch handled them for me for the duration of my trip. I'm kind of jealous, I missed out on some prime insults I could have easily directed toward the Raiders and their sorry excuse for a practice. I'm hoping this translates into a game situation and we completely destroy them in our next game. In other news, well.. I don't know about other news, seeing as how I've been gone. I'll link you to what I can find. Enjoy, folks. Sorry if it seems rush, kinda tired at the moment but I think most of it is covered.

San Francisco mayor is favoring the 49ers on his fantasy team. Hmmm... (

So we've got an article on FB Brit Miller. I'm intrigued by this guy, to say the least. (

The 49ers signed CB Eric Green, recently cut by the Dolphins. Also have waived FB Zak Keasey. (

Maiocco answers some questions from his readers, always a good read. (

HB Glen Coffee is adopting a no-nonsense approach to things. It's like we've got two Frank Gores. (

So what do you guys think of Arnaz Battle? I cant say I feel much for the guy, I like the younger receivers better. Though Jason Hill is being quiet enough, to me, to keep Battle over him. (

Defenses dine on interception buffet. Delicious. (

49ers Profile: Tom Rathman. (

Ask a Player: Parys Haralson. (