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Chad "Esteban" Ocho Cinco handles Bengals' kicking duties

Today is the relative calm before the storm of tomorrow's 49ers-Raiders preseason tilt.  The morning Shaun Hill vs. Alex Smith post has been relatively tame so far but always has the chance of blowing up into a full scale war among the camps.  So, I thought we'd roll out something a little more fun and entertaining for part of the day...

The Bengals played the Patriots last night and it turns out that Shayne Graham was unavailable for the game after his groin got sore (can't think of a better way to say that) during pre-game warmups.  Early in the second quarter the Bengals went for it on 4th down deep in Patriots territory.  However, late in the second quarter, after a Chris Henry touchdown, the Bengals sent out Chad Ocho Cinco to kick the extra point.  Punter Kevin Huber handled the ensuing kickoff, but Ocho Cinco was out again handling the kickoff duties to start the second half.  Apparently Ocho Cinco is a long time soccer fan who kicked in high school and does occasionally in Bengals practice.  Oh and apparently for his kicking prowess he refers to himself as Esteban.

99 times out of 100, a preseason game provides little entertainment.  This was that one time and praise all for YouTube.