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Golden Nuggets: Gameday

Good morning or afternoon folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. I'm pretty pumped up for the game today, I hope we can take it to the Raiders and embarrass them like we did in practice. Either way, I'm putting together these links semi-early so I can get some sleep. Still, I think I have a good deal of links for you today, and if I miss anything (such as things posted after I head to bed) please post them in the comments on this post. Providing you find something that I couldn't, of course. Anyway, I'm going to get right to it as I have to get up early to head to the game.

Here's the Game Center from the NFL's website, which will follow the games progress as it goes and contains a preview. (

QB Alex Smith will be starting in today's game against Oakland, should be interesting. I'm still leaning towards Shaun Hill. (

Here's five things to look for in tonight's game. (

How Alex Smith will play today should have a pretty big impact on whether or not he gets the starting job. (

So is it Michael Crabtree holding out or his agent, Eugene Parker? (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Here's the newest edition of Baas' Training Camp Diary. (

Road to the Roster: T Kyle Howard... Hm, must have missed this guy. (