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Golden Nuggets: Hah!

Gooood morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Sooo, we beat the Raiders, which of course is totally awesome. You may be interested to know that we also beat them as far as in-stadium fan fighting goes. From the four fights I was able to see from my position, it looked as if three of them resulted in a 49ers fan on top. By on top, I mean not bloody. Anyway, as far as the game itself went, I saw a lot of things I liked (our running backs) and a lot of things I didn't like (Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, Mark Roman.) Still... a win is a win (is a win is a win) so I'll get right to your links.

QB Alex Smith impressed.. well, kind of. Not really. Well... just read the [site decorum] article. (

Our running attack overwhelmed Oakland. I'm not surprised as they were what, the 27th or 26th rush defense last season? Still, I doubt say a DeShaun Foster would have done as well as Coffee did. (

Speaking of Coffee, he ran for 129 yards in yesterday's game. Pretty awesome if you ask me. (

The second-team led us to victory yesterday. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well. (

Here's a thumbs up and thumbs down for yesterday's game. (

Here's a look at Singletary's post-game transcript, and of course the information that we all know is coming: that no quarterback has been picked as starter yet. (

He say's there's no timetable for the decision. (

QB Alex Smith showed no fear, apparently. It still doesn't make me feel better about having him under center, personally. (

So.. how about a little Nate Davis? Eh? Ehhh? I'm liking the kid. (

Here's a short recap. (