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Golden Nuggets: Nothing New

Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. Not a lot to report today, still no contract signing from WR Michael Crabtree and still no starting quarterback (for Dallas or for the regular season) as well as Singletary still being displeased with the 49ers pass rush. Not sure how I feel about the 49ers right now, so I can't really voice an opinion on these items. Surprisingly, I don't have a ton of links for you either but we'll make do, eh? Either way, here is what I could find (post up any if you got 'em.) Enjoy the news.

Maiocco breaks down every player who participated for the 49ers and how they did in the game against Oakland. Thorough as always. (

The x-rays on QB Alex Smith's thumb came back negative. (

Singletary talks after looking back at the game footage. (

McKillop's Diary: First Interception. (

Here is a uh.. (

Mike Singletary is not ready to pick a QB. At this point, I seriously don't care. I no longer feel happy with Shaun Hill, and I've never felt happy with Alex Smith. The best I can do is hope Nate Davis gets some playing time, progresses and learns the offense and come next season Jimmy Raye has done enough to stay and we can possibly have a good starter on our hands. (

So who do you think deserves the job? This article is in support of Shaun Hill. Throw arm strength out the window. (