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49ers activate Ray McDonald from the PUP List

No longer physically unable to perform, the 49ers have activated Ray McDonald from the PUP list.  This news certainly isn't as exciting as say Crabtree signing (which he hasn't), but it certainly is good news.  Thoughts from Niners Nation on how this move affects guys like Ricky Jean-Francois?  Business is about to pick up, and I fully expect the competition to be heated between the two until one man is left standing.   

Expect more from Fooch in the very near future regarding this subject, until then, thoughts on the subject Niners Nation?

Fooch Update
Thanks to Andrew for getting this post together.  I'll be putting together another 53-man roster projection in the next couple days so it's safe to say this will impact it.  Although RJF performs a different role than McDonald (with McDonald being more there as a pure pass rusher), it would still seem to impact RJF's roster chances.  At this point he's big time on the bubble and more than likely he'll be one of my first 5 off later this week.  More to come...