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Golden Nuggets: Time for stability?

Good morning or afternoon, Nation--James her with your Nuggets for the day. Big news coming from the 49ers, QB Shaun Hill will be the starter for the regular season. This is good news to me, I've been for Hill since the end of last season. Well, save for one or two weeks maybe where I thought we could have acquired better quarterbacks, but either way it's what we have and what we're going with and I think it'll work out for the present time. I have a couple links for you, not exactly sure how many but I'm in a slight hurry, so I'll get right to the news. Enjoy.

Shaun Hill has indeed been named the starting quarterback for the '09 season. Good stuff here. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Did the 49ers do Alex Smith a favor yesterday by naming Hill the starter? (

Here's more on that from another source. (

Alex Smith will also be out all week with a sprained thumb. (

OT Adam Snyder was also named the starter at RT. I like the move, but I probably would've liked it better if we took a tackle in the draft or a non-useless one in free agency if there was one. (

We could have some help on the way as far as pass-rushing is concerned in Ray McDonald. Wouldn't that be great if he came in and suddenly everything just... clicked? Yeah, wont happen. (

20 Questions with LB Patrick Willis. I'd have some questions for the guy, I'm just afraid that some of them will be "Ow, why are you hitting me?" and "Help, please, this guy is beating my ass!" Well, I suppose the second one is more of a statement. (

Mike Martz (former 49ers OC) will be part of a new show on the NFL Network which breaks down gameplans. It sounded so interesting until I read "Jim Mora." I just cannot stand to watch that guy talk and listen to him at the same time. It makes me want to punch him. Hard. (