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Golden Nuggets: Gore's Chore

Goood morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. I've got a couple links for you, at least five or six, most likely more--and I'm somewhat in a hurry as I'm already getting these up late. So without much more, I'll get right into providing you with your links. Enjoy.

The 49ers cannot discard the pass. This is true, I don't think anyone thinks we'll do that.. does anyone? (

Gore's chore is indeed to carry the 49ers this season. Still, I think Coffee is good enough to shoulder some of the weight. (

Andy Lee says he's going to leave the scoreboard alone. I hope he doesn't. (

Here's some player reactions to the QB decision. (

Glen Coffee: Meet Jim Brown. (

Mike Martz says Alex Smith needs to move on. Good riddance, I say. (

Shaun Hill seems to have his head in the right place. (

Is Josh Morgan going to have a breakout season? I hope so. (