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Golden Nuggets: Davis a Fan Favorite

Hello all, James here with your Nuggets for today the 27th. Oddly enough, the main tidbit in 49erland about quarterback Shaun Hill and his back is near the back of my mind today. All I can really, truly think about is P Andy Lee and the giant video board hanging above the Cowboys' stadium. I mean, Lee has always seemed like a cool guy, I gotta wonder if he'll aim for it at all. I'm actually very surprised with myself at how much I've thought about it today. Is my dislike of the Cowboys that deep? Who knows. As far as links go, I think I have a fair bit for you, and I'm not in a hurry this time. Well, here there are. Enjoy.

QB Shaun Hill did indeed leave practice with an injury. A back injury to be specific, but it seems like he'll be OK. Getting to see Nate Davis start against the 'Boys wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, you know? Obviously I want our starters to get a full first half but we can always do that at San Diego. (

Hill is "iffy" for Dallas. (

Mike Singletary commends his lineman. I really hope we have solid line play this season. From the RT position to defensive tackle, I just feel like we can't afford to lose in the trenches or we'll end up getting sacked and not getting sacks. (

QB Nate Davis had a mixed practice, looking sloppy at one point but putting up an impressive two-minute drill that lasted... ten seconds. (

My boy Tarell Brown is about to turn his swag on. Yeh yeh. ...Word. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

So Nate Davis is the fan favorite these days. I can live with that. (

Heh. Andy Lee and his Texas-sized obstacle. (

After the frustration of "losing" the job to J.T. O'Sullivan last season, Shaun Hill is ready to lead this team. (

Could WR Michael Crabtree's agent be blaming the holdout on his client? Huh..? (

Are YOU sick of Michael Crabtree at this point? (

Raye being Raye. (

Eye on the Midwest--a column from the official website that I've always enjoyed, relating to the 49ers' area scouts. (

Camp Spotlight: Manny Lawson. Side note, Haralson's nickname is P-town? Awesome. (