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Golden Nuggets: Improved Pass Rush? How about ANY Pass Rush..?

Morning, morning everyone. This here's James and these here are your Nuggets for the day. Shaun Hill is back, or at least I've gathered that much from the headlines as I've yet to read any of the articles I'll be throwing your way. Seems I have a fair bit for you. I'm getting more and more pumped for the Cowboys game and the Andy Lee scenario is still playing out in my head. In other news, I won some Madden NFL shoes and a copy of the game due to my awesome endorsement of QB Shaun Hill, so that's cool and um... Well, I'll stop ranting and get right to it. Enjoy, kiddies.

Manny Lawson and the 49ers are looking for an improved pass rush. Good article, but I think it should be "Everybody remotely related to the 49ers organization past, present and future of all makes, models and planes of existence are looking for any kind of pass rush." Has that ring to it, you know? (

QB Shaun Hill is back in practice and seems ready to play at Dallas. Good news. (

Here's a look at the rules regarding unsigned draft picks. You know, just for kicks. Not that it relates to us or anything... I'm not in denial. (

More on that, but I love the quote here from Patrick Willis regarding the helmet mic. ""I want the headset," Willis told the Associated Press. "I break the huddle, I call the play, it's my show to run."" Nice. (

Patrick Willis is set to make his preseason debut against Dallas. Awesome. We've been pretty effective at stopping the run, something I'm excited for--and that's without Willis. (

Uhh, what? Apparently there is actually a chance of Michael Crabtree sitting out this season. That is completely nuts.. (

Ahaha, I love this guy. Staley's Musings: Random Thoughts From A Big Guy. (

Apparently the Niners' offer to Crabtree is somewhere around 20 million. (