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Marvel Smith - Done

Accorinding to PFT, Marvel Smith is indeed retiring.  Big thanks to sfgfan for getting a speculative fanshot up.  With the retirement of Mr. Smith, this leaves our RT situation directly on Adam Snyder's shoulders.  In other words, we could be in trouble, despite Snyder showing considerable improvement.  It also means that Alex Boone could stand a pretty good chance at making this roster.  I'm sure Fooch will have more on this when he can, but for now Niners Nation, how does Marvel's retirement make you feel?

Personally, I feel rather upset and disappointed.  I mean, we completely ignored RT in the draft because all our eggs were in the Marvel Smith basket.  He hasn't been healthy at all, and now with the retirement, will contribute nothing to our team.  Here's hoping Adam Snyder can beast his way to a productive season, but I hear Fearless Frog laughing somewhere.