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Dallas Cowboys 10 - San Francisco 49ers 3: Second Half Thread

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Well, I think we could safely say that first half was just a little bit disappointing.  On the offensive side of the ball Shaun Hill looked decent on the first drive before some odd play-calling snuffed out the drive.  I mentioned it in the game thread, but when you're on their 45 on 3rd and 10, why would you run the Taser?  They should have gone Taser on second down and then that pass play to Vernon Davis on third down.  Just a thought.  For most of the rest of the half the offense was pretty abysmal.  Hill had some pretty ugly dying ducks out there and just couldn't make much of anything happen.

Fortunately Hill was able to make a few plays (although nothing spectacular) in the 49ers last drive of the half to get the team a field goal.  Nothing exciting but maybe they can come out with a strong second half.  I need to go back and look, but it seemed like the offensive line had some struggles.  Shaun Hill wasn't running for his life, but he definitely was feeling the heat.  I definitely want to go back and review the tape of the o-line.

As for the defense, there were a few especially solid moments, but plenty to leave us disappointed.  The interception by Mark Roman (yes, that Mark Roman), was set up by some very solid pressure.  It was a text book example of excellent defense against the pass.  Of course, most every other play it seemed like Tony Romo had ALL DAY to make his pass reads.

In the past I've blamed the pass rush for the struggles of the corners, but Nate Clements didn't help himself today.  He continues to give the opposing wide receiver too much of a cushion and gets eaten alive on come back routes because of that.  Here's a question: Does he (or Manusky) not trust the safeties to cover him over the top if he played closer coverage?  On the other side, Dre Bly had what I thought was a mostly solid first half covering Miles Austin.  I think he's definitely got the edge to start.  We'll see what happens when Tarell Brown comes into the game.

The second half is underway so we'll move things to this new thread.  Additionally, I'm planning on scheduling a post-game thread for 8pm and I'll have actual analysis later tonight or in the morning, so just a heads-up.