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Golden Nuggets: Pretty Stoked

Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. I'm pretty stoked, we beat the Cowboys which is always a plus. I know it's just the preseason but it's still a doubleya and a doubleya against the Cowboys at that. I saw a few good things and a few bad things. The good? Nate Davis and a few others. Heck, we even had a Mark Roman interception. That's right folks, a Mark Roman interception. As it happened I recall me saying "Tarrel Brown?" My brother replying "It's Roman!" and the three Niner fans in the room said nothing for a few minutes. The bad? Well. The first offense didn't look sharp. Shaun Hill needs to get a grip, I'm not going to throw him under the bus after that outing but I hope he gets extended playing time against San Diego as well. I think we have a long way to go. Anyway, moving on to your links.

The 49ers do have a long way to go, on both offense and defense. (

QB Nate Davis shined with his second come-back victory for the 49ers in as many weeks. (

Mike Singletary says there's no such thing as a meaningless game. (

And here's some post-game notes from Barrows. (

Didn't catch the game? How about checking out Barrows' live blog from the game? (

Here's another live blog. (

Here's another recap, can't have too many recaps ya know? (

The Cowboys starters did indeed outplay our starters.. Here's a bit on the game. (

So do you think WR Josh Morgan will have a breakout season? I seriously hope so, I like the kid a lot. I have to wonder what his ceiling is, however. (

Here's a recap-of sorts focusing mostly on the second half of the game. Anyone else pleasently surprised with WR Micheal Spurlock? (

Another recap from Maiocco. (

More post game notes. (

Yeah, Andy Lee hit the scoreboard... During warmups. I wish he'd have hit it during the game, but I suppose at least hitting it a little is good. (