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Golden Nuggets: And Walker Said...

Good morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Had some internet issues yesterday, hopefully in the future I'll be able to get an email to one of the other front-pagers here and they can cover for me. That aside, I'm here today and I should have plenty of links to put up for you, though I'll try and keep the repitition down. Don't shriek at me if you've read something already, as I haven't been around for a day or so. So, I haven't been following the news so all these links will be new to me as well, so yeeeeah. Anyway, here's your links.

I have no idea why this line was so good to me, but in this recap of Monday's practice, Delanie Walker has a quote that I, for no apparent reason, am lovin'. (

Here's a good article, focusing on our newly converted fullback, Brit Miller. After seeing Norris in person a few months ago... Based on that alone, I'm rooting for him. (

Marvel Smith and Adam Snyder are competing at right tackle. I'll joke about Alex Boone all day (but I do think the kid has potential) but I'm not sure I have faith in either of those guys. (

Here's a little snippet for you, Mike Nolan says it will be "different" to face the 49ers. Hm.. (

Apparently our receivers, namely Josh Morgan and Brandon Jones are impressing at camp. (

Barrows has a couple notes from camp, as well as an (awesome) quote from our tight ends coach. (

Quarterbacks shine in the fifth practice, as per Maiocco's recap. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Josh Morgan is taking advantage of Crabtree's absence. I have a lot of hope for this kid. (

Sando does a good job of describing what the "nutcracker" really is. (

Barrows says that Brandon Jones and Shaun Hill shined in practice. Reading all of these, I'm not sure Kentwan Balmer has much of a future with the team, I don't mean to jump the gun here but I'm not thinking he's going to make it. (

Maiocco recaps the fourth practice, being yesterday morning. (

Camp spotlight: Allen Rossum. A few meaningless questions. (

Got some more links after the jump..

Sopoaga gets Manusky fired up. I was hoping it was because he was playing well. You know, I'm surprised how little I actually know about Sopoaga.. I find him to be utterly.. forgettable. Is he good? I think I'm off to check the stats.. (

Here's another recap for day 3. (

A bit about Smith, something about training camp.. I didn't really read this one, just noticed the Jason Hill typo as "Josh Hill." Nice, Chronicle. That's like five misprints in like three days. (

Mike Singletary is in firm control of the Niners. I firmly believe Samurai Mike would be in firm control of anything. Anywhere he happened to be that day. If he was getting arrested, I'd imagine he'd motivate the police to show more hussle, perhaps fire them up enough to administer a beating, in which case Mike uses the eyes to pa--.. I really am rambling. Here's your link. (

Patrick Willis prefers action over talking. I am scared of this man. (

Here's a 49ers Team Report from Yahoo. (

Vernon Davis and Ahmad Brooks "dominated" on Sunday. (