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Golden Nuggets: Bit of a Hurry..

Good morning or afternoon folks, James here with your Golden Nuggets for the day. My internet connection is really terrible tonight, or rather, my sisters' is, and I happen to be at her place. I'm going to make this intro short and sweet and get right to it, if I miss any links, please let me know by posting them up in the comments. Here we go..

Manusky's defense is making progress.. I sure hope so. (

Here's a bit on the Tuesday practice, if not a direct recap. (

I bet this was fun to watch--blitz and shotgun were the prominent packages being tested yesterday afternoon in practice. (

Even more notes from camp, these from Maiocco so you know they're good. I'm crushed by the fact that Thomas Clayton only got two rushing attempts--and blew past the defense on both attempts. I doubt the coaches were watching. (

Here we go--lovin' this bit, Manny Lawson should be a big force in our defense next season. (

A few more notes from camp, but mostly seems like a slew of Dre Bly quotes in which he expresses distaste for his previous team. (

Road to the Roster... An interesting piece on the official website about guys who wont ever make the team. Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh. (

So what do you folks think of Bear Pascoe? Here's a nice little bit on him. (

Apparently, Arnaz Battle has still "got it." (

Vernon Davis had to be moved away from the drills--didn't want him hurtin' himself (or someone else.) (

Frank Gore appears to be very fresh--yet wants to practice fully. (

Josh Morgan wants to be the #1 receiver in San Francisco. (